Spiritual Impact

There are five full-time employees at the Clinic. All are Christians. They each have a sincere passion for sharing the Gospel with patients and are committed to the ministry they have at the Clinic.

The employees have taken charge of both the Women’s Ministry and the Kids’ Bible Club. Both groups meet on an every-other-week basis. The Women’s Ministry touches scores of women who have few opportunities for interaction outside their homes. The program provides the women with Christian fellowship, scriptural instruction and encouragement, and fun activities outside the home.

The Kids’ Bible Club began with groups of 40 to 100 children. Today, more than 300 children meet in the Ministry Building at the Clinic every other Saturday for a Bible lesson, various activities and a light refreshment. Because the group has grown so large, it has been divided into three different age groups to better serve the children. The highlight of the year for the children in the Kids’ Bible Club is a special Christmas party which provides a special program, refreshments, and the only gifts many of them will receive.


The Clinic has an excellent relationship with the Ecuadorian pastor of one of the local evangelical churches. He spends time at the Clinic sharing with the patients on a daily basis and has begun a “Clinic ministry” within his church. Through this ministry, another member of the church comes to share with the patients on a volunteer basis in the afternoons.

The pastor and the Clinic employees are all available for follow-up visits in the homes of those patients who have shown an interest in the Gospel or have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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