Growth of the Clinic

The Clinic has changed and grown dramatically over the past three or four years. The Clinic staff, under the direction of Dr. Jane Weaver, has successfully increased and improved the outreach of the Clinic. As a result, the Clinic has gained more respect and acceptance in the community. More patients are being seen in the Clinic today than at any other time.

In 2003, only a handful of eye patients were seen on a daily basis. Today, somewhere between 130 and 160 patients are seen each month at the Clinic.

Likewise, the general surgery program has experienced steady and systematic growth. In 2003, only ambulatory surgeries were possible. today, thanks to the addition of an anesthesia machine, other key OR equipment, and visits to San Lorenzo by a variety of specialists, a much wider range of surgeries is possible.

Although the Clinic’s financial status has also improved, it is always a struggle to maintain care that is affordable for a poor population and still generate enough money to keep the Clinic running. Each patient is asked to contribute something for his or her care. However, many people are unable to pay even the reduced rates the Clinic charges. Dr. Jane and the Clinic staff are diligent stewards, and operate on a very tight budget. Even so, each month the Clinic needs $3,500 to $4,000 from supporters to meet its financial obligations.

In the future, the Clinic would like to offer additional services, including medical attention from other specialties as well as a pharmacy, laboratory and possibly radiology.

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